Noah Yasskin

Web Developer and UX Designer

As a front-end developer and UX designer, Noah ensures that Talkoot continues to delight new users in new ways.

Having worked as an editor and proofer on product copy at Thread, Noah knows the value of Talkoot. He also understands how to keep making it better. Building upon his ability to craft content, he learned how to conjure code. Noah completed Epicodus, an intensive developer boot camp and landed a gig with e-commerce agency The Good. When the opportunity arose to join Talkoot, Noah was excited to combine his knowledge of the copywriting world with his newfound love of programming. He’s happy to know that his work will now improve the working lives of other editors and proofreaders using Talkoot.

Long before joining the tech ecosystem in Portland, Noah lived through the first dot-com boom and bust as a technology analyst for Jupiter Media Metrix in London. He helped grow the company’s European business and advised its clients including the BBC, Bertelsmann, British Telecom, Springer and Alitalia.

Outside of work, he enjoys wrestling with his twin baby boys while dodging their slobber bombs.



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