Article Reaction: Why Direct To Consumer e-commerce Brands Are Winning Over Retail

Dec 5, 2017

Derwyn Harris

Talkoot CPO and Co-Founder

Why Direct To Consumer Ecommerce Brands Are Winning Over Retail

Yes, direct to consumer product companies are taking over the entire value chain. At Talkoot working with new and traditional brands, we see this trend. But online is disrupting the traditional retail value chain in another way. A critical part of the D2C success story is that creating a superior product now means creating a superior product story.

In the new era of D2C, brands are finally beginning to recognize that the story you tell about your product is as important as the product, as turkey is to Thanksgiving. People don’t buy products. They buy stories about products. The story gets consumers to click on the buy button or pick the product off the shelf. Online, a powerful idea — a great story — is all that a product actually is until consumers get it home and starts using it.

Talkoot can help you get your story right and get it right quickly. Think of it as product copy supply chain tool that ties together the entire value chain described in this article. The winners in the digital age will not only be the creative brands, but the brands who get products and product stories to market faster without sacrificing creativity.

After all, you can get a product to market, but if you don’t have a story to go with it, you won’t get sales, and in the end all you’ll have is inventory moldering in a warehouse.

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