This release included two key features. 

Multi-Image Viewer

The first is the multi-image viewer. As writers and editors work through the product copy process the different image angles and colorways provide a valuable insights and inspiration. The model view was the only view where users could see all the images associated with a model, yet most tend to work within the Job (list) view. This release adds a multi-image viewer similar to what is used across multiple ecommerce websites. Users can now see many angles and colorways in one place. This capability has been applied to all the different views. 


Enhanced Carryover

The second feature are the improvements to carryovers. As companies move from season to season or work through multiple channels there is a need to carryover information from other jobs so writers can either stay in synch or use the other information as a starting point for their particular task. The enhancement with this release includes the ability to carryover documents, images, assets, features, and details. These were not originally considered necessary but after feedback from customers we have added them.