Talkoot: a Finnish word that means “a gathering together of friends and neighbors to accomplish a shared goal.”

Talkoot’s a thing we made to make life a little easier and headacheless-ier for the bazillion or so people out there who work in content production. We feel their pain, because we ARE them – Talkoot was built by Thread, a small-but-mighty writing studio with over 10 years of experience crafting stories for global brands.

Thread is also a contributor to the Talkoot blog – so expect to read stuff about Talkoot’s journey through the universe as well as helpful tidbits about creating clear, concise copy for consumer-centric brands.

What you’ll find:


We love our product and we’re always trying to make it a little bit better. Product Goodness gives you insight into new product capabilities and features.


Talkin’ Talkoot is where we’ll drop news about our events, business expansion, customer stories and more - whatever headline-worthy thing we’re excited about.


Talkoot is a tool to streamline the copy production process, but it can’t guarantee better copy. Better copy comes from real live humans with brains and keyboards. Copy Dojo is where we share tips and tricks to power up your copy production skills.