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E-commerce Copywriting Bootcamp Video

You’ve got about six seconds to convince them to click buy. This video shares best practices for persuasive product copywriting.

Why is this video important?

Once a consumer picks your product up off the virtual shelf, you’ve got about six seconds to convince them to click buy. But all the specs, techs and endorsements in the world aren’t going to sell that four-person mountaineering tent if the copy sounds like it was written by a person who has never spent the night on a mountain.

New mobile e-commerce technology and changing consumer habits have increased urgency for brands to get their product descriptions right. This talk provides best practices for persuasive product copywriting, along with tips, tools and easy tricks for creating relatable, credible copy that relieves doubt and converts consumers.

Who is this video intended for?

Writers, of course — but also folks who manage writing teams or work in marketing operations, and have a sinking suspicion they should be doing more to improve content and voice.

Great products deserve great stories.

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