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How D2C Strategies Are Winning in A Post-Amazonian World”

Tech giants like Amazon and Google are like Goliath. Your brand can be a David. Our webinar tells the secrets to thriving in the “Big Tech Giants” era of retail.

Why is this video important?

Amazon has most traditional brands and retailers scrambling for a whole new business model. But digital natives have always lived in this strange, new post-Amazonian world. Learn how some of the most successful digital native brands and retailers have survived, thrived and even seen explosive growth by doing things Amazon can’t and being what Amazon isn’t. Whether you’re a manufacturer, eCommerce pure play, or traditional brick & mortar retailer, this new generation of digital native upstarts offers lessons for everyone.

Who is this video intended for?

This webinar will be great for writers, of course — but also folks who manage writing teams or work in marketing operations, and have a sinking suspicion they should be doing more to improve content and voice. If you’re looking to bridge the gap between creative and technology, then go ahead and register.

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