Amazingness through Togetherness

Talkoot began as a tool to help our own small-yet-mighty writing business. Since 2003, we’ve been providing some of the world’s biggest brands with well-polished product copy—as you might expect, it gets complicated and confusing.

Tired of holding on by our fingernails every time copy monsoon season rolled around, we realized we needed a centralized, streamlined way to write, edit, translate and approve copy quickly and at scale.

So we went looking for a PIM that could handle everything we needed to throw at it. If we had found one, the story would end there. But we didn’t. We called all our ecom-content-producing friends and found out most everybody was still working in clunky spreadsheets, just like we were.   So, we built a system ourselves. It’s called Talkoot, a Finnish word that means “a gathering of friends and neighbors to accomplish a task.” It’s the first content authoring tool for consumer-centric brands. It’s a simple, cloud-based app that helps teams create high volumes of amazing copy that helps spark people to click the ‘buy’ button. 

Brian Hennessy

Founder and CEO

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Dave Robinson

Derwyn Harris

Product Strategy

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Brad Coulon

Anne Bowman

Customer Success

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Jason Buffington

Product Architecture

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Erin Morgan

Account Manager

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Sam Kelley

Product Developer

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Talkoot makes it simple.

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