Built by content creators for content creators.

Talkoot is Finnish for “a gathering of friends and neighbors to accomplish a task.” Founded in 2016, Talkoot recognized the gap in available solutions to help brands tell high-converting product stories at scale.

As a former content agency that helped world class brands produce thousands of product page stories every season, we struggled beneath our own manual, spreadsheet-based process. It was slow, inefficient and a bad experience for everyone.

We searched everywhere for software that could solve our problems but never found it. That’s why we built Talkoot. Talkoot brings people across your whole organization together—along with all the data, images, and documents they need. It arms them with specialized AI writers trained to create high-converting product descriptions optimized and formatted for all your digital channels.

But more importantly it:

  • Enables a single source of truth for product content
  • Organizes product info and descriptions
  • Centralizes copy assets to ensure the correct version is used
  • Helps teams diversify content by channel
  • Yields higher productivity, agility and speed
  • Is highly configurable and easy to use and adopt
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