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Built by content creators for content creators

As a former content agency that helped world class consumer brands produce thousands of product page stories every season, we struggled beneath our own manual, spreadsheet-based process. It was slow, inefficient and a bad experience for everyone.

We searched everywhere for software that could solve our problems but never found it. So our team hacked together our own process using lots of different tools — none of which were designed for what we were using it for.

Finally, after laboring beneath this broken process for a few years, we decided to build an end-to-end platform specifically tailored to solve the everyday challenges of creating, tracking and distributing accurate, consistent, shopper-friendly product content.

Launched in 2016, Talkoot is the result of deep research and collaboration with content teams across leading consumer brands. We packaged all of the best ideas into a single, cloud-based system, purpose-built to ease pain and boost productivity throughout the entire product content production and approval process.

Great products deserve great stories.

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