Seamless, flexible, API-first integrations.

Push and pull from anywhere in your tech stack. 


Pull in the latest product information and produce inspiring product stories that help customers find your PDPs and click the buy button. With our connectors to the most popular ecommerce systems, you can push this carefully crafted copy directly to your site with a single button. No imports. No cutting and pasting. No confusion over where the latest version of copy lives or who approved it.

Save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars with access to:     

  • Push-button publishing: Quickly and simply push copy and images to your website, no cutting or pasting required. Plus, make copy changes or bulk updates in minutes, not days. 
  • Connect custom platforms: Our open API and integration middle layer gives you options. Looking to sync data from an ecommerce platform or software that isn’t listed? Talkoot’s open API gives you the flexibility to create your own direct integrations. Our API provides full access to all your product content. You can filter on a delta and push or pull content as needed.  

We’re always adding plug-and-play integrations to popular PLMs, ERPs, DAMS and eCommerce tools. Check with us to see if our team is working on an integration you need right now. Contact us to learn more.

Talkoot pays for itself many times over


4x greater efficiency
40%+ savings on content production
3x reduction in errors
10%+ conversion rate increases
99% on-time copy deliveries
A happy team & more loyal customers

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