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Information is just the raw ingredient. Stories are the final product.

Product stories lift conversion, lower returns and create more loyal customers. Product information doesn’t. Modern brands inspire customers on every product page with interesting, detailed stories about every product they make.

Spend less time managing information and more time crafting stories.

Wondering why the PIMs you’ve looked at have such limited options for collaborative product storytelling? Most PIMs are designed to store and distribute static product information, not produce complex, ever-changing product stories. Talkoot does both.

Syndicate all your stories from one place.

Talkoot’s powerful combination of channel-specific content templates, language validation engine, configurable exports and ecommerce integrations makes it a snap to adapt and syndicate product content across channels.

Get up and running ASAP

Your team can be working in Talkoot in a matter of days, not weeks or months. Teams of all shapes and sizes can be productive in Talkoot with minimal training

Teams are up to 4x more efficient in Talkoot

Small teams can punch above their weight, producing more high-quality copy without expanding teams or timeframes.

Built for remote work and distributed teams

You may be working in different departments, different cities, even different time zones. But with Talkoot, you can all work together to create amazing product stories that sell.

Create at the speed of digital commerce

Make sure no sale is delayed due to a missing description. Thanks to a configurable workflow, Talkoot customers experience on-time content delivery rates of over 99%.

Fewer errors = Fewer returns = More revenue

Plug anyone into your team and have them channeling your brand voice, error-free from day one. Talkoot users experience content error rates of less than 1%.

Talkoot is proven to:

Lower Cost

Increase Speed

Remove Frustration and Complexity

so you can focus on creating amazing content.

We simply couldn’t produce the volume, speed and quality of product content our business demands without a system like Talkoot.”

Marcus L., Senior Director Brand Assets Creation


Talkoot has been a game changer for the team at Mountain Hardwear. Thanks to Talkoot we now have a vastly improved ability to manage product information, product copy and workflow. We have better visibility and more efficient collaboration, requiring far less time and fewer resources to manage. We couldn’t be happier.”

Annabel Heinemann

Mountain Hardwear

We’re stoked about this platform - it has really helped us to organize and scale our content process.”

Carly Miller, Creative Director


I know we’ve just been in Talkoot for one season, but it feels like we’ve been using it forever, it’s just so much easier and I can’t imagine how we were doing things before.”

Andrea Husky, Senior Graphic Designer

Herschel Supply Company

Talkoot is a project manager’s dream come true! There’s just no way I could guide our production of more than 30K product descriptions a year without it. With a team of 54 researchers, writers, editors, proofers, project managers, brand managers and product managers, Talkoot is essential to our success.”

Liz H., Account Manager


It’s clear that Talkoot was designed by writers for writers. It warms my heart knowing that.”

Laura Shinn

Dr. Marten’s

Talkoot helps  brands tell brand-right, shopper-friendly product stories at scale.  Faster. Together.

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