We simply couldn’t produce the volume, speed and quality of product content our business demands without a system like Talkoot.

Marcus L., Senior Director Brand Assets Creation


Talkoot is a project manager’s dream come true! There’s just no way I could guide our production of more than 30K product descriptions a year without it. With a team of 54 researchers, writers, editors, proofers, project managers, brand managers and product managers, Talkoot is essential to our success.

Liz H., Account Manager


It’s clear that Talkoot was designed by writers for writers. It warms my heart knowing that.”

Laura Shinn

Dr. Marten’s

Talkoot has been a game changer for the team at Mountain Hardwear. Thanks to Talkoot we now have a vastly improved ability to manage product information, product copy and workflow. We have better visibility and more efficient collaboration, requiring far less time and fewer resources to manage. We couldn’t be happier with Talkoot as our product information management system.”

Annabel Heinemann

Mountain Hardwear

Talkoot’s favorite hobbies are:

Lowering Cost

Increasing Speed

Removing Frustration and Complexity

so you can focus on creating amazing content.

The fastest, easiest way for teams to collaborate on multi-channel product content.

Every product content team in the world is looking for that one writer-researcher-manager-editor-spreadsheet wizard who can churn out mountains of polished copy, keep multiple projects on track, work around the clock, remember each one of those 10,000 tiny rules to your brand language and place every last morsel of punctuation perfectly. When you find that person they’ll be a robot, and it will be just in time for the Fall/Winter 2036 season. Until then, there’s Talkoot.

Talkoot isn’t that one amazing person. It’s a tool to make the people you already have an amazing team.

Talkoot brings all your content creators’ dark art ninja skills together in one bright, sunny, crazily useful place. It plugs them all into a single, easy-to-use, cloud-based workflow where they can each do what they do best together. With Talkoot, you can make sure every ecommerce description, retail headline, product tweet and banner ad — and all their translations — are singing from the same shopper-friendly, brand-right, legally blessed songbook.

Talkoot makes product copy simple.

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