AI Translations for Ecommerce: Go global faster 

In Talkoot writers, translators and AI can work together in one fluid workflow so you can launch localized product content in record time.

8 weeks to 2 weeks

Increase speed to market

Translate product copy into 31 languages with one click.
8 weeks to 2 weeks

Ensure quality

Monitor use of approved brand terminology across languages.
8 weeks to 2 weeks

Track changes

Compare edits over time so you can maintain consistency and accuracy.
8 weeks to 2 weeks

Stay connected

Alert local teams & reviewers to updates in real-time.
8 weeks to 2 weeks

Control the process 

Assign tasks and track progress in a seamless workflow.

Talkoot pays for itself many times over


4x greater efficiency
40%+ savings on content production
3x reduction in errors
10%+ conversion rate increases
99% on-time copy deliveries
A happy team & more loyal customers

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