Game-changing brands need game-changing solutions

Talkoot helps DTC brands tell real-time, brand-right, shopper-friendly product stories at scale. Faster. Together.

A digital workspace designed for creators

Designed for product storytellers, Talkoot brings all the data, images, and previous product copy ever written into a single view, so your entire team can work together, with everything they need at their fingertips.

Autopilot for your brand language

With BrandCenter™ your whole team can channel a single, powerful brand voice on every PDP. It constantly checks the whole system and alerts you when it finds banned phrases, tired clichés, legally risky content or anything else you don’t want showing up on your site.

Content recycling

Every time you start a project, Talkoot automatically searches all previous seasons and allows you to pull all relevant copy, images and background into your project so you don’t have to waste time and money on needless data wrangling and rewrites.

Version control

Each person who touches a piece of copy automatically leaves a personal timestamp on their work, so you can always figure out who did what when and who approved it. Versions, revisions, approval and notes all stays put in the system forever.

Fluid workflow

The days of gigantic spreadsheets full of product data are officially over. You’re welcome. Talkoot gives you a smooth, fluid, real-time workflow where everyone can dive in and work on their own piece of the same big project, at the same time.

Quick turn content

Valentine’s Day is coming and you’d like to update copy for 50 products? Talkoot helps you quickly organize products into a short, one-off job to take advantage of a moment in time. The evergreen product copy still exists, so you can quickly revert back after the moment has passed.

Global editing

Need to update a risky legal claim or last-minute design change immediately? Talkoot allows you to pinpoint which products need to be updated and quickly make the change to specific categories and product types or across your entire product line. Easy-peasy.

Reuse content across channels

Talkoot allows you to set up custom templates and content requirements for each channel, then lets you automatically repurpose content across channels. So you can be sure shoppers are receiving consistently compelling, accurate product stories everywhere they shop.

Effortless approvals

Lots of people need to review and approve product copy. Nobody wants to learn a new system. Talkoot features a separate area just for review and approvals with a simple, streamlined flow that requires zero training. Just click and approve.

Talkoot helps  brands tell brand-right, shopper-friendly product stories at scale.  Faster. Together.

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