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After switching from spreadsheets to Talkoot, users shave an average of 10.5 hours out of their weekly process (hello three-day weekends!). That’s because Talkoot is custom-built for collaborative, multi-channel copy creation. Watch this video and see how:

  • Talkoot’s workflow smoothes out collaboration for teams large and small
  • Brandcheck™ can keep your copy on-brand and legally in the clear
  • Finding and organizing features help you save time by easily repurposing copy.

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Legal Discovery

Leave a trail of breadcrumbs that never disappears.

  • Quickly figure out who did what, when, and who approved it.
  • Everyone who touches a piece of copy automatically leaves a personal time stamp on their work which is viewable in the product copy history.
  • Versions, revisions, feedback, approvals and notes back and forth all stay put in the system forever.
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Carryovers and Relationships

Save time and money by automatically reusing copy whenever possible.

  • Automatically check to see if copy has already been written for products you’re currently working on.
  • If the product is an exact match, mark it as “carryover” and Talkoot pre-populates all copy fields, images and background data.
  • If past copy needs to be updated for the current season, Talkoot automatically establishes a relationship between the two so anyone on your team can align new copy with the original description and background data.
  • Create your own relationships between similar products so you can align descriptions.
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Task Views

Tune in on what you want to see and tune out what you don’t.

  • Task views make it easy for team members to see only the information they need, to get their particular job done.
  • Project View is great for quickly reviewing lots of products and copy all at once.
  • Item View allows you to drill down into the nitty-gritty of a product so you don’t miss a detail.
  • Approval View keeps things simple and streamlined so approvers can quickly review and comment.
  • All views can be customized by individual users to suit their needs.
  • Admin users can set permissions to limit or expand what certain teammates can see.
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Stickies and Notifications

Post reminders, questions and notes to each model so nothing is forgotten.

  • Use stickies to post questions, comments or reminders for yourself, teammates or clients.
  • Trigger email notifications when critical changes to your project occur, like when new data or images are uploaded or when a client provides feedback.
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Every team member can quickly review copy and give their input.

  • Provide feedback in real time so your team can make edits quickly.
  • Publish feedback reports for clients and team members to increase transparency, expedite training or verify a project’s evolution.
  • View and revert to previous copy versions at any time; edits are saved forever.
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Project Subfolders

Break down big projects into bite-size chunks.

  • Divide large projects into smaller ones, called project subfolders, based on your own criteria, like delivery date, missing information or team assignment.
  • Create public project subfolders that everyone can see.
  • Create private project subfolders to organize your own work without confusing the rest of your team.
  • Invite others to your project subfolder by emailing them a link to it.
  • Move items in and out of project subfolders or delete them altogether at any time.
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Documents, Images and Files

Models and all their background data live together forever.

  • Integrate with any of your systems to automatically pull in images and product info
  • Upload briefs, presentations, images or other files and link them to specific products or a project.
  • Add product images and re-rank them in order of importance at any time, so your team doesn’t miss critical visual details.

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Find anything and everything instantly.

  • Search one project, or the entire system.
  • Search by teammate, model number, product name, technology, keyword or phrase.
  • Filter and sort your search by any criteria in the system.
  • Export product copy and data to MS Excel or CSV.
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Activity Stream

See work on your project unfold as it’s happening.

  • See the work on your projects unfold as it’s happening.
  • Filter your activity stream by projects, actions, team members or dates.
  • Schedule an activity summary to hit your inbox daily, weekly or never.

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