Talkoot: The PIM for Direct To Consumer 

Consumers want more meaningful products from the DTC brands they support. The story you tell about the products you create convinces them that you see them and really care. 

Every other PIM on the market was built for an Amazonian world of more stuff, less meaning.  Upstream creative teams responsible for crafting those stories are left to use spreadsheets and cloud storage apps not suited for the work and not integrated into the product information flow.  

DTC brands need a PIM built for both downstream ecom teams whose sales depend on quality product content and upstream creative teams responsible for producing it. That’s why we built Talkoot. Talkoot is the only product information management system built to enable deeper, more consumer-focused product storytelling. Like other PIMs, Talkoot stores and syndicates product information. But more importantly it:   


  • Enables a single source of truth for product stories 
  • Organizes product information and stories 
  • Centralizes copy assets to ensure the correct version is used 
  • Helps teams diversify content by channel 
  • Yields higher productivity, agility and speed 
  • Is highly configurable and easy to implement and use 

    Talkoot pays for itself many times over


    4x greater efficiency
    40%+ savings on content production
    3x reduction in errors
    10%+ conversion rate increases
    99% on-time copy deliveries
    A happy team & more loyal customers

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