Anne Bowman

Anne Bowman, Co-founder and Chief Customer Success Officer 

Anne is in charge of making sure the people who use Talkoot love it as much as humanly possible.

A founding member and force behind Talkoot’s first baby steps in 2011, Anne has spent five years taking the app from an idea to a fully-functional reality. She understands Talkoot’s clients because she’s been in their place. Her past career managing high-volume ecommerce and catalog projects has given her a sixth sense for the many sticking points of the copy production process.

Talkoot is her second start-up and third system build. Previously, she co-founded WhereNext, an online travel guide. She built the business from the ground up, working with venture capital and angel investors and cultivating a community of European correspondents. As a former account executive at Wieden+Kennedy, she managed multi-million dollar campaigns for Target, Miller Brewing Company, and Powerade, as well as heading the design and development of a global resource library for Wieden+Kennedy’s creative content.

In her free time, Anne can be found working through the recipes from “The Great British Bake Off” with her sous-chef and nine-year-old daughter, Izze.

Talkoot makes product copy simple.

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