Brad Coulon

Brad Coulon, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer 

Brad leads the development team behind Talkoot, guiding the growth of its infrastructure and software to match its expanding customer base.

He is the founder of On Demand Analysis (ODA), which has provided process and analytics software to enterprise customers for over 20 years. ODA’s software powers several Fortune Global 500 companies in the oil production and services sector, keeping track of billions of dollars of equipment, managing remote worksite logistics for thousands of employees daily, and forecasting for the complex logistics of a remote workforce. He brings this know-how to help simplify the complex inner workings of Talkoot.

Brad enjoys fly-fishing excursions down the Deschutes River and spending Sundays skiing on Mt. Hood with his daughter, Eva. He also loves to watch college football, except for that one time he was forced to choose between supporting his alma mater (Stanford) and his home state team (Iowa) in the Rose Bowl.

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