Derwyn Harris

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer 

As CPO, Derwyn manages product strategy, development and market positioning to help carry Talkoot into its next phase and share Talkoot’s many strengths as a product.

He first found his professional footing in software development, and went on to co-found Jama Software, an enterprise start-up currently serving research and development and product teams at 25% of Fortune 100 companies, including Boeing, Honeywell and Cisco. As director of product marketing at Jama, he worked with customers including SpaceX, Apple, Intel, Amazon, NASA, Boeing, Dolby and Merck. He has helped business analysts, product managers, systems engineers and executives improve their organizations’ process.

A long-time cyclist and backcountry skier, his latest obsession is surfing. He balances this outdoor exuberance with a love of language and music. (He is currently learning the accordion.)


Talkoot makes product copy simple.

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