How leading enterprise brands scale their ecommerce content operations

Mar 12, 2024


Anna Rillahan

Talkoot Chief Growth Officer

In the rapidly-evolving world of ecommerce, enterprise retailers face a significant challenge—producing high-quality, high-volume product content that resonates with consumers across channels. Adding to this complexity is the increasing demand for more personalized, more seasonally relevant and channel-specific content. This challenge is all the more critical to solve since accurate product descriptions and high-quality imagery are the two most influential pieces of content influencing online shoppers’ purchase decision. To deliver a compelling shopping experience that converts, it is crucial for brands to implement the right people, processes, and technology. This critical challenge is what led to the partnership between two pioneers in content operations: Talkoot and ShotFlow.

Talkoot, the leader in AI-powered product storytelling and ShotFlow, experts in enterprise visual content production, came together to jointly solve the growing challenge enterprises face to produce the quality and volume of content today’s consumers demand. This partnership combines Talkoot’s expertise in automating the production of high-converting product copy with ShotFlow’s capabilities in managing complex visual enterprise content production workflows.

For most enterprise retailers, product imagery and written content are created in two separate workstreams, by different teams on different timelines, referencing different source data. With visual and written content teams working independently, there is a lack of consistency in product descriptions, visuals, and awareness of updates made to the products throughout the sell-in process. Writers may not see photography until it’s final, forcing them to write without reference images or to delay writing while photography is being retouched. Photographers are often forced to shoot without understanding consumers’ reason to buy. This siloed approach often results in disjointed shopping experiences for customers, causing confusion and frustration. An inconsistent, confusing product page experience can contribute to higher return rates and unhappy customers, ultimately impacting the brand’s reputation and revenue.

However, by leveraging the integrated Talkoot and ShotFlow solution, the whole product content production process accelerates. Writers can view the imagery before it’s finished in post-production. Photographers can see the product story and understand USP as they’re shooting. Both teams can collaborate synchronously and asynchronously, with access to the same source data, documents and feedback. This ensures that they’re creating a more powerful and cohesive product page experience for shoppers across every ecommerce channel.

Fortune 500 apparel and footwear brands are already benefiting from this partnership. By aligning these siloed workstreams they’re producing more consistent, impactful content, driving more sales, and gaining a competitive advantage in the market.

The integrated Talkoot and ShotFlow offering is uniquely positioned to optimize content operations for complex, data-driven enterprises struggling to keep up with consumer demand for more personalized and relevant content across channels. It empowers enterprise brands to stay ahead in the competitive world of ecommerce by delivering high-quality product experiences at scale.

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