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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many annual models/SKUs are needed to use Talkoot?

A: Talkoot can go big or small. You can easily manage creation and production of product copy for cute little projects (think 50 models) or bona fide monsters (think 100,000 models)!

Q: What kind of copy can I write?

A: Any kind your heart desires, tailored to each specific model’s needs. That means: catalog copy, ecommerce copy, wholesale copy, headlines, bullets, hangtag copy, social media posts, etc.

Q: Can I track where my models are at in the copy process?

A: Yes! You have a variety of ways to see the progress your models have made, from high-level dashboard views to detailed granular reports. Just like a freshly-minted member of the illuminati, you will finally be able to see and know all.

Q: Can I carry over copy from previous seasons or different types of copy?

A: Yep, it’s easy to select the copy you’d like to carry over, and then duplicate that copy for just one model or for a thousand at a time.

Q: Can I see the edits and approvals anyone on the team makes to a model?

A: Oh yeah! Talkoot’s robust version history shows the entire life of the model so you can always see who did what and when an action occurred.

Q: Can I see what types of copy a model already has and what it still needs?

A: You betcha.

Q: Can I give access to third-party retailers?

A: Absolutely. You can grant any of your retailers access to Talkoot so they can find and export the copy they need.

Talkoot helps DTC  brands tell brand-right, shopper-friendly product stories at scale.  Faster. Together.

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