Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Talkoot? 

A: Talkoot is a lightweight, cloud-based application built for creative teams that need to produce large volumes of high-impact product content to fuel ecommerce growth.  Talkoot brings all your data, images and previously written product copy into a single view so your entire team can work together seamlessly. The result is better-performing PDP pages that yield higher conversion, greater customer loyalty and higher lifetime value. 

Q: How long will it take for my company to get up and running? 

A: Your team can be up and running in Talkoot in a matter of days. It just takes a few short sessions with our customer success team to map your current process to Talkoot, then a 30- to 60-minute training session with each team or userIf you can keep up with friends on social media or edit an online doc, you can be productive in Talkoot with minimal training.  

Q: Will Talkoot integrate with my current systems and fit within our tech stack? 

A: Yes. We know automated data flows are the bedrock of quality product content. That’s why we offer an open API that allows Talkoot to integrate with all the most popular e-commerce platforms, PIMs, DAMs and PLMs (including Shopify, Magento and SAP Hybris) with minimal configuration. This enables brands to pull in quality data and publish quality content — all with the push of a button.

Q: Is Talkoot a PIM? 

A: Think of Talkoot as a PIM focused on better, higher-converting copy. Most PIMs are designed to store and distribute static product information, not produce complex, ever-changing product stories. Talkoot does both. Talkoot can connect to your PIM if you already have one. But creative teams need a high-functioning, human-friendly productivity tool to help feed those systems high-converting product stories. That’s Talkoot. You can read more about how Talkoot fits into your tech stack here.

Q: How many products & storage can I have? 

A: Talkoot can go big or small. You can easily manage creation and production of product copy for smaller projects (think 50 products) or bona fide monsters (think 100,000 products). Whatever the scope, rest assured that you’ll have access to:

  • Unlimited SKUs 
  • Unlimited storage 
  • Unlimited channels 
  • Unlimited word count 

Q: Does Talkoot offer training & support? Is it included? 

A: Yes, yes and yesTraining and support are included for all customers. Our team has deep experience creating product content at some of the world’s most loved brandsAnd they’re here to solve your toughest product content challenges, answer all your questions and share their expert knowledge.

Q: What problem does Talkoot solve? 

A: The story you tell about your product on the PDP is the single most important factor influencing digital shoppers’ purchase decision. Talkoot makes it easier to create, organize, track and share high-converting product content. The result is higher conversion rates, lower returns and more repeat purchases.

Q: Can I create different product content for different channels? 

A: Absolutely. For every product you sell, you can create an infinite number of content types. With our campaigns feature, you can create templated content for each channel, based on their specific content requirements. You can also create meta tags and descriptions, packaging copy, and any other content you need to bring your products to market. 

Q: Can I give access to third-party retailers?  

A: Yes. You can grant any of your retailers access to Talkoot so they can find and export the copy they need. 

Talkoot pays for itself many times over. Our customers experience: 

Up to 4x greater efficiency in Talkoot
Average savings of 41% on content production
On-time copy deliveries of over 99%
A 3x reduction in errors that lead to returns
Conversion rate increases of 10% or more

Talkoot helps  brands tell brand-right, shopper-friendly product stories at scale.  Faster. Together.

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