Brandcheck: Consistency builds trust. Trust builds sales.

Craft clear, consistent on-brand copy every time. Everywhere.

It’s easy to launch an inspiring ad campaign that gives customers a reason to believe. It’s harder to tell a consistently inspiring story on every product page across every channel. But that’s the kind of consistency that builds real trust.

Learn how Brandcheck helps the world’s leading brands build greater trust, loyalty and sales by helping them maintain a consistently inspiring voice everywhere consumers come in contact with their products.

Speaker: Derwyn Harris

Talkoot Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Key Takeaways
– Learn how to automate your brand styleguide across teams & channels. Write it once & use on repeat.

– See how teams improve their process & effortlessly track and manage thousands of on-brand product stories.

– Learn how to tailor your language for higher conversion across different sub-brands, product categories, customer segments or retail channels.

– See all the language that defines your brand in one place that is easy to build, edit and share.

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