How Talkoot helped a Fortune 500 apparel and footwear brand grow sales by 4% with SEO-driven listing pages

4% increase

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Content studio Thread, a long-time Talkoot customer, was approached by a Global Fortune 500 apparel and footwear client with a new customer acquisition strategy they wanted to test. Like every ecommerce business, the brand’s customer acquisition costs were on the rise thanks to Apple and Google privacy updates. They were looking for new, low-cost ways to drive large volumes of high purchase-intent traffic to their website.

The concept: Launch thousands of seasonally relevant product listing pages throughout the year built around long tail SEO keywords that had low search volume but attracted very high purchase intent traffic.

They enlisted Thread to generate keyword-rich, consumer friendly content that would push their listing pages to the top of the search rankings the get customers to click through.

Organizing and streamlining the work was going to be a real challenge.”

— Liz Hartmann, Account Director, Thread

The Challenge: Delivering high volumes of high-quality content at high speed.

Originally, the client enlisted another content studio for the project. Unfortunately, that studio wasn’t able to produce the quality of product content needed at the monthly volume required. Which was totally understandable. Beyond the quality and volume, there were other factors that made this a particularly thorny challenge:

Complex product line

The customer had a product line that spanned consumer categories; from high fashion to high performance racing, from casual streetwear to elite rock climbing. Each of these categories had a unique audience with their own insider language and content requirements.

Large team

To meet the quality and volume the client needed required a large team of writers, editors and project managers. To compound this, writers needed to be subject matter experts in the consumer categories they were writing for. That meant each product might need its own, unique team and workflow.

Critical approval process

Client approvals were essential to ensuring the right language and content was being used for the right customer segments, creating a complex process that spanned several product categories, collection and consumer segments.

Strict voice guidelines

Though each landing page needed to speak to a unique audience, the brand had strict voice guidelines they had to follow to ensure they avoided legal risk, stayed consistent with messaging elsewhere, and stood out from their competitors.


“Since we already use Talkoot extensively for other copy projects, we knew it would help streamline this one.”

—Liz Hartmann, Account Director, Thread

The Solution: Bringing the project into the only system built for large scale product content production.

The timeline to get the project off the ground was tight. Thread originally thought it would be easier to kick things off in spreadsheets, then shift to Talkoot once they moved into full production. But they quickly realized why the first content studio had failed. Spreadsheets just weren’t built to handle the complexity and speed of the project. They decided to kick the test off in Talkoot instead. As soon as they did, the benefits were clear:

Easily keep track of large teams working across many projects

In Talkoot, Thread Project managers were able to break the work down into smaller weekly projects, create a workflow and assign teams on a page-by-page basis. Teammates were able to focus on a single task at a time yet everyone had visibility across projects to the content and data they needed to get their job done. ​

Brandcheck kept everyone channeling a consistent voice

A large product line that crosses several product categories requires writers with specific product expertise. Yet each writer needed to be consistent in how they communicated concepts that crossed categories such as collaborations, sponsorships, and technologies. Talkoot’s Brandcheck feature made sure everyone was channeling a shared brand voice, using the correct brand terms and phrases, and avoiding banned language.

Fast and easy approvals

Client approvals were essential to ensure the content passed legal, was appropriate to each consumer, and the correct keywords were being used. Because Talkoot’s stand-alone approval center is so intuitive, approvers were able to log on and see only the products they were assigned, then approve or reroute with comments—all without having to learn a whole system.

4% increase in sales

The initial test proved the listing page content created in Talkoot drove traffic and increased sales. The test proved sales of targeted products grew by 4%. Because of this success, the client scaled the project from 200 product pages per month to 500 pages. They also increased the amount of content on each page by over 150%. All told, this represented an over 300% increase in output each month for the Thread team. Thanks to Talkoot, Thread was able to scale up the team to meet the 3x increase in workload.


With Talkoot, the team at Thread was able to create higher quality landing pages across all their retail endpoints in less time, with far less effort. Thanks to the quality, speed and efficiency Thread was able to achieve, their customer was able to create an entirely new and profitable customer acquisition channel.

Talkoot is an AI-powered product content production platform that helps the world’s most loved brands create deeper, more valuable connections with customers everywhere they buy through more scalable and powerful product storytelling. To see how Talkoot can do the same for your brand, get in touch with one of our consultants.

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