The secret life of adidas product descriptions


Learn how a small, but mighty, writing agency gets adidas ecom copy done.

Ads put a product on a shopper’s radar, but product copy puts it into their cart. By the time consumers land on a product page, they don’t want to be sold to. They want to be informed. Honest stories free of false promises and jargon are the ones that make consumers click “buy.”

For more than a decade, our writing studio, Thread, has been helping brands create and implement messaging strategies that bring a powerful, cohesive point of view across all their communication channels, both traditional and digital. This includes high-volume product copy production. Thread takes raw data — product features, materials, technologies and design inspirations –- and turns it into copy that not only tells a product’s story, but includes the consumer in that story to illustrate how the product’s and the consumer’s stories intersect.

Creating the right conditions for producing high-quality copy is harder than you might expect. In this webinar Thread account director, Liz Hartmann explains the complexity that hides behind bringing these seemingly simple pieces of copy to life. She’ll share insights into the best practices and quality control systems Thread uses to manage the creation of over 35,000 yearly product descriptions for their global client adidas.


Who is this webinar intended for?

Anyone who works in marketing operations, ecommerce management, digital content strategy or product information systems.

Right now, many companies are scrambling to figure out their digital content strategy and find a way to manage copy responsibilities. If you are in any way related to marketing operations, you’re probably at the epicenter of this dilemma. If the term “digital” appears anywhere in your title, chances are you’re familiar with the challenges that crop up around asset creation.

This webinar is designed to help those who deal with digital copy production on the daily. You’ll learn how to fine-tune your process, establish quality standards and scale your production without losing your marbles.


Tell me more about the presenter

Liz Hartmann – Account director, Thread

When taking the Career Pathways Test in middle school, Liz was not pointed in the direction of “global ecommerce product copy creation director for a multi-billion dollar sportswear company.” Back then, there was no such job. And even now, no college degree can teach how to do what she does. As the adidas account manager at Thread, she works with dozens of project managers, writers, editors, fact wranglers, and proofreaders who join forces to get tens of thousands of product descriptions live on each year.When not at Thread, she can be found skiing, digging in her garden, fooling around with her kids and occasionally performing in her town’s off-off-off-off-(off)-Broadway productions.

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