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Talkoot is an enterprise-grade AI writing platform full of all the automation, collaboration and professional editing tools teams need to create product descriptions at scale.

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Following your sample generation, we will book a follow up call with you where our team can show you how to use AI as part of a content creation workflow, to ease the load for teams who want to focus on more creative and impactful work.


AI specialized for ecommerce

Talkoot’s specialized AI for ecommerce is built to write high-impact product stories, optimized for every digital channel. Our AI can also be fully customized by brand, channel, customer persona and more.

No special input required

Most stand-alone AI tools require unique data, formats and prompts to get results. That doesn’t work at scale. Talkoot can work with the product data you already have in the format it’s already in.

AI models for multiple content types

Most AI writing tools are built on a single AI model. But different AI writing models are suited to different types of content. Talkoot employs several AI models to create all your product content, all at once. Learn more.

“This writer is super clear about core attributes and the reason to buy.”

– Outerwear Product Manager, Outdoor Research

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Learn how adidas consolidated and professionalized their ecommerce content production to save $1M every year.

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