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Learn how adidas consolidated and professionalized their ecommerce content production to save $1M every year.

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Amazon & Walmart SEO guide: product listing requirements and why they matter

Landing on the first search results page of Amazon or Walmart is like striking gold for sellers. And quality content is a big part of how you do that. Across both marketplaces, high-quality, keyword rich content is proven to improve customer experience, increase your conversion rate and drive more traffic to your product page. It also lowers returns and leads to better reviews and more 5-star ratings.

But content requirements for product listings can differ significantly between the two retailers. Even more, given the differing quirks of their algorithms, you need to be sure you’re focusing your efforts on the correct content types for each marketplace to ensure you’re getting maximum traffic and conversion.

In this SEO guide, we’ll explore the specific differences in content requirements for product page listings on Amazon and Walmart. We’ll also discuss the particular quirks of each of their search algorithms and what drives greater product discovery and traffic.

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From product information management to inbound product storytelling

Discover the transformative potential of inbound product storytelling in this engaging webinar. While product information management is rightly viewed as an operational cost, inbound product storytelling stands as a strategic game-changer.

Not only does it generate increased traffic and higher conversion rates, it also reduces returns and significantly enhances the customer experience. Learn how to pivot from providing product information to telling compelling product stories throughout the customer journey that resonate with shoppers and drive your business forward.

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Key takeaways:

  • Understanding the Difference: Learn the key differences between product information management and inbound product storytelling.
  • The Impact of Storytelling: Discover how inbound product storytelling can increase traffic, improve conversion rates, and lower returns.
  • Customer Loyalty: Learn how a good product story can not only sell a product, but also create a rich and memorable customer experience that increases brand loyalty.
  • Implementation Strategies: Get insights on how to integrate inbound product storytelling into your sales funnel for maximum benefit.

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Brian Hennessy is the Co-Founder & CEO of Talkoot, the most powerful & complete AI product storytelling platform for ecommerce. He also founded Thread, a content studio that helps sports and outdoor brands like adidas, Burton, Rossignol and Keen tell their story.

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