Update your product stories as easily as you post to your social channels.

Humanizing ecommerce and bringing the personalized, brick & mortar retail experience online has never been more important. So why is your product copy — the last piece of the story persuading customers to add to cart — still stuck in spreadsheets? Talkoot is the only software built to enable brands to create, store and publish better product stories. And with our Shopify integration, you can push this carefully crafted copy directly to Shopify with a single button. No imports. No cutting and pasting. No confusion over where the latest version of copy lives or who approved it.  

Designed with the speed of digital commerce in mind, our Talkoot x Shopify integration gives customers access to: 

Bulk editing: Update product stories across your entire product line in seconds, not weeks.

With Talkoot you can use a find and replace feature to quickly update all instances.

Push-button publishing: Quickly and simply push copy and images to your website, no cutting or pasting required. 

Agile product storytelling: Update your content for higher page rankings and conversion by aligning your PDP with outbound campaigns, events, sponsorships, holidays and more.

Management of multiple stores and channels: Centrally manage your product content across multiple Shopify stores and other channels through one Talkoot account.

Talkoot’s lightweight, cloud-based software helps teams:

  • Produce high-converting product stories at scale
  • Maintain a single source of truth for product copy
  • Organize product info and content
  • Centralize copy assets
  • Diversify content by channel
  • Eliminate hundreds of hours or manual work
  • Collaborate in one easy-to-use system

Better yet, Talkoot deploys in weeks, not months, with a short adoption period that lets teams start experiencing the benefits on day one.

See how leading brands are producing inspired, detailed product stories that increase conversion while lowering returns and book a demo today.

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