Story-Native Masterclass Series

Story-Native Masterclass Series

April 7, June 2 & July 28
9am-10am PT

The internet has changed the rules of marketing forever. And modern, digital-first brands are operating from a whole new story-native playbook. Will your brand be able to adapt? 

Join story expert Brian Hennessy, as he shares the secrets of how to build a story-native brand designed to thrive in the digital world.

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Story-Native Masterclass Series Part I: Beliefs Build Brands


The internet has changed the rule of marketing forever. And modern, digital-first brands are operating from a whole new story-native playbook. A brand is no longer just a logo, color palette and tagline. It isn’t even the sum of all your communication tools and tactics combined. A brand is a story. It’s the story you tell others. It is the story they tell about you. But most importantly, it’s the story you live by. In today’s digital world, the difference between the long-term success and failure of any brand comes down to your core beliefs and what your willing to give up to live by them.

Join story expert Brian Hennessy, as he shares the importance of story in creating a more meaningful brand, more relevant products and more loyal customers.

Story-Native Masterclass Series Part II: The Rise of The Story-Native Brand


Amazon built its business by replacing humans with technology at every step. But efficiency and convenience aren’t the only ways to win online. Story-native, DTC brands are growing at an even faster pace by offering an antidote to Amazon’s nameless, faceless shopping experience. Even more than low prices and convenience, people want to connect with other people about things they care about. Learn how story native brands win by building a close-knit community of like-minded customers based on shared beliefs.

Story-Native Masterclass Series Part III: Growing a Story-Native Culture


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