Embracing agility at the most critical moment of the shopper’s journey

May 19, 2020

Derwyn Harris

Talkoot CPO and Co-Founder

Announcing an integration between Talkoot x Shopify

Shopify has brought D2C commerce to the masses. A store can be created in less than an hour. There are now over 500,000 Shopify sites selling everything from shoes for cats to custom chopsticks. It’s a new world of D2C and its crowded. Very crowded. The stakes are high even for mature brands with a loyal customer base. Shopping behaviors require companies to not only stand out but also connect in a meaningful way. While Shopify has removed the complexity of launching an online store, they have not removed the difficulty of telling the compelling story that is required to connect with shoppers.

Without a compelling story, your shiny new store will have a very lonely existence in a sea of similarity. By integrating Talkoot, a PDP focused Agile Product Storytelling Application, with Shopify, we make it possible for your store to evolve into a more social oriented, relevant and engaging face of your company. (I highly recommend this video that shows how and why Talkoot helps you write better stories for your product pages).

Our integration utilizes Shopify’s incredible storefront simplicity and metrics to create a seamless story telling machine. It’s all about removing technical barriers so teams can focus on what’s important: telling interesting product stories that connect with their customers and compel them to click that magical ‘add to cart’ button.

Making your PDP social

We live in a very fast moving, ever-changing world where information is everywhere and instantaneous. The days of static, generic, evergreen product content are gone. Ecommerce is the future and it must be dynamic, relevant and engaging. In a way product pages have become part of our daily news routine. Products from brands we love give us some respite from the chaos. This means your product copy needs to change and morph. This is what being agile is about. Like Instagram, your product page is responding to the environment and your customers, constantly updates to express mood, empathy and awareness.

Pushing content directly to your store is the easy part. The magic is how this integration enables you to move towards higher levels of agility. Now you can change product copy based on the seasons, holidays and less predictable things like elections, sports, celebrity snafus or pandemics. Your team can work on incremental sub-sets of products, tweaking and adjusting the copy to reflect your awareness and understanding of the world and your customer.

Overcoming the fear of speed

This kind of agility, while powerful, can also be scary. For those used to the calm predictability of seasonality, the idea of introducing monthly, weekly or even daily updates to your product pages may feel daunting. Agility can bring a sense of spiraling or losing control. Software has already been through this transition and it wasn’t easy for many. The shift to moving faster requires a higher degree of insights and collaboration. Software uses things like “velocity”, and “burn-down charts” to visualize progress.

Software also relies on a process that values high levels of collaboration and visibility.  Being agile across PDPs is no different. Our Talkoot x Shopify integration includes measurements such as conversion, page views, returns and reviews that are all key indicators of your PDP success. Seeing this information at the product level, alongside the copy, allows your content team to quickly respond to low performing product content. Talkoot helps maintain your sanity over your brand voice through a simple collaborative process with visibility across more stakeholders. With our recent release of BrandCenter™, that constantly monitors your brand language, your team can relax knowing that the risk of voice divergence won’t disrupt all your efforts and hard work.

In summary we believe that applications of the future must evolve from storage systems and into collaborative, team empowering, automation applications that remove technical barriers. With Talkoot as your intelligent story advocate, and Shopify as your store automation engine, your team can now spend more time focusing on selling products.

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