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Sharing honest-to-goodness stories about your products — full of interesting facts about who designed it, what inspired it and how it was made — on every PDP, shows customers you really care about what you’ve created. 

It also raises your profile in search results, lowers return rates, lifts conversion and creates more loyal customers. 

So why are most ecommerce sites full of dull, paragraph-looking strings of industry-speak bullet points and marketing clichés? 

Well, it’s really hard to tell great stories about every single product you make. Especially when your product line is big, hairy and full of tough-to-track-down details like price points, inseam lengths, voice guidelines, target customers, tech stories and legal requirements. 

That’s why we built Talkoot. Talkoot is an intuitive, friendly-to-use product content lifecycle tool that talks to all your back-end data systems, keeps track of all those niggly product details and automates a whole mess of boring, repetitive tasks, so your content creators can focus on creating great product stories. 

Talkoot helps  brands tell brand-right, shopper-friendly product stories at scale.  Faster. Together.

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