Keep your brand language on track with our newest innovative feature: Brandcheck

Oct 26, 2022


Derwyn Harris

Talkoot CPO and Co-Founder

Is it that season already? Halloween, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s.

You’re also likely wrapping up last season and getting briefed in on next season’s work. It’s a lot. And the pressure has never been higher to grab eyeballs and keep them coming back. Thanks, Apple.

One tried and true tactic for grabbing those eyeballs is great product storytelling. But great product copy is more than just a description that helps convince the customer to buy. As Maya Angelou famously said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Whatever you want shoppers to feel about your products and brand, your brand language is the best way to convey those feelings and create those emotional bonds.

But to get it right, it’s key to keep everyone who communicates on behalf of your brand writing in the same powerful voice. On top of that they all need to be talking credibly and authentically about every product you make. Tall order when your product line stretches into the thousands.

Consistency and accuracy become increasingly challenging at this time of year, when deadlines loom and overlapping copy needs collide.

Our most recent feature release, Brandcheck,  helps you maintain a consistent brand voice everywhere customers buy your products.

As the name suggests, Brandcheck does a lot more than just check your spelling. Brandcheck audits your entire product line for banned words, correct spelling of proprietary brand terms, and correct usage of terms unique to your brand, industry or product category. In a nutshell, it puts your brand language on autopilot.


Keep banned words and phrases out of your copy

It’s always fun to hear which words and phrases a brand has on its banned word list. We’ve heard brands that ban terms like “improves performance” and “anti odor” because they’re claims that would be difficult to prove in a court of law. Other brands’ banned terms can be much more subjective, like “cute,” “kickass” or “kill.” Every brand has them—or should.

Of course, there are those words that are easy to spot and keep out of your copy, like curse words. But most are more subtle, like legally risky claims, culturally insensitive terms, or language that is counter to who you are as a brand. These are much harder to keep out of your language as your team grows. With Talkoot, you can leave that tedious proofing to Brandcheck.


Protect your proprietary brand language

Brandcheck also keeps your approved brand terms in proper order. The names, terms and phrases you use to describe your most valuable technologies and properties are your IP. They help you build credibility and are key to keeping your competitive advantage. Your researchers, designers and marketing personnel have spent a lot of time coming up with language that describes those innovations. Brandcheck makes sure you can protect that language.

Those terms might have specific capitalization, punctuation, or trademarks. These are all easy things for a writer to miss. Brandcheck makes it effortless to ensure you’re using those terms and phrases correctly, so customers recognize them and competitors can’t steal them.


Keep spellcheck from flagging terms unique to your brand, industry or product category

Every company has terminology they use over and over again but that isn’t recognized by default spellchecks. In the apparel category alone, there are hundreds of specialized terms like ruching, leggings, cowlneck, tank top, T-shirt, turtleneck, etc. With Brandcheck, you customize your general dictionary to include those words. When you’re working on a single document, this might not seem critical. But when working across a product line of thousands, this can save your team hours of wasted clicks.

Talkoot is on a mission to help brands create deeper, more valuable connections with their customers on every product page through more inspiring product storytelling. Brandcheck is just one of the long list of features we’re building to make it easy for brands to become better product storytellers.

If you’re interested in seeing how Talkoot could help your brand tell more inspiring product stories, get in touch with a consultant.

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