Talkoot x Shopify = 
Agile Product Storytelling

Turn your PDP into a true conversation
with shoppers. 

Talkoot optimizes the customer experience through data-driven product storytelling. It creates a real time feedback loop with shoppers — using their own data, reviews and feedback — to help to craft product stories that ignite their interest and turn them into buyers and loyal fans. Designed with speed of digital commerce in mind, our new Talkoot x Shopify integration provides customers:

1. Push-button publishing: Quickly and simply adapt your PDP content to match outbound campaigns, seasonality, events, sponsorships, holidays, etc.  

2. Real time feedback loop: Optimize PDP content based on the most current sales data, return rates and customer feedback.  

3. Clear Return on Story: Everyone from the CEO to the content team can see the impact customer-centric product storytelling has on the bottom line.  

4. Quick time-to-productivity: Deploys in weeks, not quarters. Pays for itself in months, not years.

This integration creates a direct connection between your shoppers and internal teams at the most critical moment in the customer journey – the PDP. The result is higher conversion, greater loyalty, and higher lifetime value. 

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Introducing BrandCenter™

A verbal identity engine that will ensure the accuracy and consistency of your brand voice across commerce channels. 

Shed rounds of review, last-minute rewrites and frustration with our BrandCenter™ verbal identity engine. It continually analyzes your product copy for incorrect terminology, banned phrases and clichéd marketing speak then offers up legally-approved,
on-brand alternatives. 
Plug anyone into your content team and BrandCenter™ will have them channeling your brand language from the very first sentence, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of your brand voice across every channel. 
BrandCenter™ is currently in private beta.  Sign-up to get your exclusive invitation to preview our latest innovation. 

Talkoot helps  brands tell brand-right, shopper-friendly product stories at scale.  Faster. Together.

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