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Pistil Case Study

Before Talkoot, our process was manageable frustration that required a lot of extra communication. Life is better now. 

Executive Summary

Based in Hood River, Oregon, Pistil is a small accessories brand creating functional-yet-stylish pieces for the active lifestyle. For most of their existence, Pistil has operated in a state of small-team bliss, sitting in the same office and collaborating in real time. They mostly used Excel spreadsheets to manage product data and create copy. Their process wasn’t perfect, but it was manageable. As one person said; “It was manageable frustration that required a lot of extra communication.”

Then Pistil signed a license agreement with a major accessories player, and things changed. The partnership introduces some new operations challenges by introducing a new company, new group of people and subtle changes in processes. Questions or issues that could once be resolved by leaning over to your desk neighbor now became unwieldy. Talkoot was introduced and quickly proved valuable as a centralized communication and collaboration tool. Talkoot took the comfortable small-office feel and brought it to the cloud, keeping everyone informed in real-time.

Using Talkoot, Pistil was able to quickly scale their process without introducing new barriers. In fact, Pistil realized they could have benefited from Talkoot prior to the partnership. 

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